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Should You Outsource Your Employee Benefits Administration?

Human Resources involves many different subjects that require expertise in order to flourish. Small HR departments are often overwhelmed trying to handle everything, but there is a solution! HR benefits administration outsourcing allows you to keep the employees of your business satisfied while eliminating the burden of extensive paperwork and legal navigation. 

Keep reading to learn about six advantages of outsourcing HR benefits administration work. 

1. Reduced Expenses

Joining forces with a business management solution organization can significantly lower your costs. For example, you can leverage the purchasing power and connections of PacWest to decrease the cost of healthcare benefits for both you and your employees. 

Joining together with others gives you more buying power when it comes to retirement and health care plans. Your employees will value the option of selecting a higher quality benefits package. 

2. Increase Your Options

Similarly, if your company signs up for benefits on its own, the options available will likely be limited due to having a smaller number of employees. Benefit providers often require a minimum number of employees for certain plans, such as top-tier medical insurance. 

Outsourcing HR benefits can allow you to offer better plans to your employees. These benefits can  include health care, life insurance, paid time off, and retirement plans. This, in turn, helps you to attract and retain top performers

3. Advice from Experienced Professionals

Employee benefit plan services aren’t limited to documentation or paperwork. A business strategy organization can give you advice on how to design an employee benefits program that best serves your employees and company alike. 

Leaders in your business can rely on a team of experienced human resource professionals who, together, are well-versed in a variety of subjects. This is often preferable to working with a generalist who may have to research issues that come up. 

4. Liability Protection

Protect your company from unnecessary risks by working with a third party organization that has extensive knowledge and experience with human resource benefit plans. Local, state, and federal laws can be difficult to navigate.

On top of that, the requirements change over time. A team who is well versed in this kind of terrain is better adapted to make sure everything is processed accurately. 

5. Free up Time

Taking care of every task in-house may not be the best use of your time or resources. There’s no need for your staff to spend their time doing routine work when they could be working to drive big picture goals. 

Outsourced HR and benefit services should support your current team without taking over the current workplace culture. The PacWest group of experts are here to assist with your business practices, and any HR professional you may have on staff, so that your team can move forward making the best decisions for your organization. We offer convenience, business tools, and advice instead of making unwarranted changes. 

6. Your Employees Will Gain Insight

The time and expertise needed to answer a variety of questions about health care plans, retirement funds, and other benefits is often out of reach for many small and medium sized businesses. 

If your organization is considering benefits administration outsourcing, we recommend partnering with a reputable company that will provide insight to your employees about the type of benefit options that are available to them. When employees understand the value of their benefits package they are more likely to report higher job satisfaction which increases their work ethic. 


Outsourcing employee benefits administration has given many small and medium sized companies a powerful way to excel their business goals. Reducing the cost of benefit packages and the time it takes to manage them, while simultaneously increasing available options and expert advice is a huge advantage. 

Contact PacWest today to partner with a well-established and trusted company in northern California. 

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