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Payroll Service Solutions that Streamline Efficiency

Many small and medium size business owners outsource certain aspects of running a business so they can spend their time building their business. Companies that offer payroll service solutions, such as PacWest, help to relieve the burden of administrative tasks which need to be accurate and accomplished on time. 

Tasks such as payroll processing, printing and mailing checks, same day direct deposits, tax payments and filings are all taken off your plate when you partner with a reputable company to manage payroll for your business. Spend time where you’re needed most – strategizing and working to build your business instead of labor-intensive tasks that can be accurately handled by a payroll outsourcing company. 

Focus on Your Business Plans by Offloading Payroll 

Hiring and training HR employees takes up a lot of your time, which could be spent on efforts that boost your business’ bottom line. When small and medium size business owners take advantage of payroll service solutions, such as partnering with PacWest, they save time and have peace of mind that everything from local taxes to federal reports are done correctly. 

PacWest Business Solutions can save medium-size and small business owners hours every pay period. Not only do these hours add up over the year, certain times of the year may require more of your attention as a business leader. For example, it is better for your business if you can focus on holiday marketing instead of your time being tied up with year-end reporting. 

Accurate and Timely Processing 

No business owner wants to face the financial and time consuming burden of compliance risks or IRS audits. By partnering with a trusted company that offers payroll solutions you can be assured that your reports and payroll taxes are in good standing. 

Regulations and calculation requirements change constantly, but our dedicated staff at PacWest stays current with federal, state, and local laws. We make sure that all payments and reports are delivered on time. 

The Convenience of a Payroll Company

PacWest Business Solutions primarily supports businesses who require payroll services in California. This means our staff is well versed in all of California’s reporting and tax regulations. PacWest also has many out-of-state clients and dedicated experts who stay current with local state taxes and other requirements. The coverage of different states is especially useful for companies who have employees working in multiple states. 

When you partner with PacWest you have the flexibility to upload data from any timekeeping software or app. You can submit information by email, through a secure Connect Portal, or by fax. These options allow you or your team to submit records no matter where you are located, which is essential while traveling. 

Employee Payment Options

PacWest offers multiple pay options for you and your employees. These options include ACH, Visa Pay Cards, and Live checks. Our team is always looking for ways to help you offer the most benefits and options to your employees. 

If an employee ever needs a check reissued our team is prompt to take care of the situation. EDD wage requests, wage garnishments, stop payments, and final checks are also areas of which our PacWest team has experience and works quickly to resolve. 

Reach Out to PacWest Business Solutions Today 

If you’re looking to free up your valuable time and minimize errors, partner with our trusted PacWest Business Solutions team today! Our passion is helping you focus on building your business by supporting you with accurate and timely business services. Reach out online or by calling (925) 734-9400. We look forward to supporting you. 

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