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If you have been wondering about how to improve the efficiency of your business and take some of the burdens of payroll off of your plate, you have likely been looking at many different outsource payroll companies. 

While a wide variety of these companies exist, the cost for payroll services can vary, and it is important to choose one of the best outsource payroll companies that can personalize an estimate for exactly what your business needs (and not charge you for things it doesn’t)!

At PacWest Business Solutions, we make it a priority to talk with each individual client and give him or her a custom quote on the cost for payroll services. Because we are very much aware that no two businesses are exactly alike in how they function or what they need, we know that custom quotes are essential to create the plan that is right for your company. Whether you have one employee or more than 100, we want to help you obtain the services you need and deserve. 


PacWest Business Solutions – Your Expert Business Partners


While a myriad of outsource payroll companies exist in this day and age, PacWest Business Solutions stands out from the crowd because we are not just JUST a payroll company… we are so much more than that! At PacWest, we consider ourselves to be a comprehensive business management company that can help our clients with many different services such as: 


  • workers’ compensation
  • payroll and benefits
  • business consulting
  • human resources outsourcing
  • administration tasks
  • compliance and risk management
  • increased productivity


While we do offer full payroll services to any client who needs them, we also provide business strategy assistance, managed HR services, and the exceptionally high-quality, individual customer service that your business needs to thrive. 


The Cost for Payroll Services at PacWest


To put it frankly, the cost for payroll services can vary quite a bit, and we can help you determine not only the cost, but what specific services you need and don’t need at your company at any given time. This is also very flexible which means you can add, remove, or change services as your company grows and changes. This is a step above companies that treat your business with a “cookie cutter” model.


Get a Hold of Us Today to Learn More About all PacWest Has to Offer


You can contact us at PacWest Business Solutions at (925) 734-9400, or you are welcome to request an appointment online by using our digital form at the link provided here. At PacWest, all of our business solutions are made to make your life easier and your company more efficient. When things are running more smoothly overall, your company is more effective, and you have less stress and more energy and passion to put back into the business. 


Why Choose PacWest Business Solutions Over Others?


We know there are many outsource payroll companies to choose from, and we want you to know that we take our commitment to our clients seriously. At PacWest Business Solutions we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service, comprehensive business solutions, and on making payroll services affordable for both small and large businesses alike. 

Each and every day, we make sure to provide the highest quality service to each of our customers. We look forward to talking with you soon to see how we can help your business become even more productive and successful.

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