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Managing Human Resources is a challenging aspect of running any business. Handling interpersonal issues at the workplace, offering the best benefits to your employees, and keeping up with local, State, and Federal laws is – literally – a full time job. It’s no wonder that in the era of endless information accessed through the Internet, many business owners look to online platforms for easily accessible HR advice. After all, not all businesses have the budget for outsourced HR services, right? 

Small and medium sized business owners often feel like they have to choose between paying salaries (and employee benefits) for an in-house Human Resources department, being locked into a costly agreement with an HR outsourcing company, or even worse – trying to go at it alone. You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) get business advice from just anyone. There is a better way! 

Don’t Navigate HR without Dedicated Help

While online platforms can provide boundless information, communicating directly with someone who understands your situation is arguably invaluable. Online support groups such as the #HRTok community appears to be a fun and useful environment for those who work in the field, the content found there does not adequately take the place of speaking one-on-one with a Human Resources professional. 

Many people who benefit from communities such as #HRTok are themselves working in an HR career and thus have a baseline understanding of procedures and policies. Hopefully these followers take all the advice shared online with a grain of salt and enjoy blowing off some steam occasionally. 

Employing an In-House HR Department

Human Resource professionals often deal with incredibly complex situations that have very serious legal and financial implications. Does this warrant the need for an in-house  department? While having a team of HR professionals who work only for your business may seem optimal, albeit expensive, this is not always the best choice. 

Outsourcing HR Services

When you engage the services of an HR outsourcing company your business not only benefits from dedicated support, but the vast experience of professionals who regularly handle not just what comes up for one company, but many. For example, PacWest has been trusted by hundreds of businesses, large and small, to advise and carry out a myriad of HR duties for decades. 

With the number of years, organizations served, laws and regulations encountered, and workplace personnel situations resolved PacWest has amassed a level of expertise that cannot be easily replicated. When it comes to managing Human Resources, a broad scope of experiences is highly beneficial as it allows for better policies to be put in place to minimize risk, as well as quick and confident responses when situations do arise. 

The PacWest Difference

Unlike other HR outsourcing companies, PacWest Business Solutions advises and only executes on new policies or procedures of which you agree to. PacWest values your organization’s unique workplace culture and strives only to make improvements that support the vision you have for your company. Furthermore, PacWest has the ability to leverage buying power to allow business owners to offer the premium health care benefits to their employees at a reduced cost. 

The PacWest team can help you with HR services such as: 

  • Payroll
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Employee Benefits Administration
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Investigations
  • Terminations and EDD Claims
  • Talent and Organizational Management
  • Risk Management
  • Legal Compliance 

All of this at an affordable price! While working with PacWest, you won’t have to worry about unexpected costs or fees. Our services are contracted in a way that gives our clients flexibility, clarity, and stability. Reach out to us by calling (925) 734-9400 or by sending us a message today! 

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