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If you’re trying to decide whether HR outsourcing services would be advantageous to your business, the experienced professionals here at PacWest Business Solutions in Pleasanton, California can explain all of the benefits of choosing this option. We happen to be an expert payroll outsourcing company, and we can help by taking many common HR responsibilities off of your shoulders, so that you can focus on growing and maintaining a thriving business.


Let PacWest Business Solutions Help You Answer The Tough Questions:



Who Should Be a W2 Employee?

In California, it can sometimes be tricky to figure out who should be classified a W2 employee rather than an independent contractor. At PacWest we can help you quickly and easily determine this as we have many years of experience with HR payroll, and our team is always kept up to speed on the current laws along with any changes in California requirements.


When you bring on new employees, here are just a few of the HR payroll outsourcing services we can help with:

  • Determining who should be a W2 employee
  • Obtaining and filling out the required employee onboarding documents
  • Setting up the new employee(s) in the payroll system
  • Determining taxes
  • Establishing workers’ compensation for the new employee(s)
  • Setting up medical and ancillary benefits such as vision and/or dental
  • Calculating deductions for employee retirement contributions to be taken out each pay period


What is the Cost of Outsourced Payroll and HR vs Inhouse?

A payroll outsourcing company doesn’t only help you in the short term, there are many intangible benefits to hiring HR outsourcing services in the long run as well. Outsourcing your company’s HR can reduce stress and anxiety, ensure you meet important filing deadlines, and save your employees (and therefore your business) valuable time as well.


Can a Payroll Outsourcing Company Actually Save My Business Money?

When you hire an experienced and reputable payroll outsourcing company like PacWest Business Solutions, you and your company may actually save money over time! While payroll providers do charge fees for our services, we also take our work seriously. We only hire the best of the best which means that accuracy and timeliness is maintained and your upfront outsourced payroll cost is worth it.

No more late fees for past-due filings, unfortunate tax bill surprises, or mistakes on employee onboarding forms. By avoiding common errors and being sure to meet deadlines, we help you and your company avoid unnecessary fees and penalties that you might incur by doing the work inhouse which can save significant headache and cost over time.


Why Choose PacWest as Your Payroll Outsourcing Company?

At PacWest Business Solutions we are not only good at what we do, but we make customer service a high priority. We take pride in being reliable and trustworthy, providing top-notch services, and offering exemplary client communication.  At PacWest, we also have the goal of making payroll services affordable for a wide variety of business types and sizes in order to support a myriad of different industries.

You can reach us to find out more about our services and how we can help your company with HR outsourcing services by calling (925) 734-9400 today. We are located near the Bay Area in Northern California but serve many different areas. We are also happy to offer phone and online communication methods in order to accommodate long-distance clients.

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