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PacWest is a full-service HR outsourcing company with 35 years of experience


We specialize in the administration of payroll, benefits, personnel planning, workers' compensation, organizational management, and other business services for small to midsize companies. You can choose services from among these categories or bundle them into a package that meets your specific requirements. Let us be your one-stop-shop HR services so you can focus on your business operations with excellence. 


How PacWest Can Help Your Business

Boost Your Productivity

By outsourcing your HR activities, you can devote full attention and resources to what you do best. You can be confident that our portion of the employer/employee relations will be handled in a professional and ethical manner – increasing satisfaction in the workplace and helping you retain your most talented employees.

Manage & Reduce Your Cost

PacWest has extensive experience managing personnel expenses and negotiating the most cost-effective benefits packages. For example, our buying power allows us to provide employees with more attractive health insurance options then your company may be able to offer on its own – without raising premiums. We can also reduce workers’ compensation expenses with our buying power and carrier relationships.

Streamline Your Administration

PacWest has an excellent track record when it comes to making back-office procedures more efficient. An outsourcing arrangement with PacWest creates a lean organization that lets you free your staff from having to deal with time-consuming personnel and other administrative issues. We are careful to make sure our services fit seamlessly into the organization structure. 

Partner With A Leader

Clients who leverage PacWest’s decades-long administrative expertise are better able to focus resources on their core business and hone their competitive edge. PacWest makes sure employee relationships and business processes meet high quality standards and comply with all relevant regulations. 

Make PacWest Your Trusted Business Partner

Your business is your passion. Our passion is helping you focus on your business. PacWest has been managing human resources (HR) and helping clients handle other critical business functions for more than three decades. We provide employee and employer based services to keep your operation running smoothly and allow you focus on your core business activities.

In addition, we can assist you with a variety of other important activities, ranging from business plans and financing to marketing communications and exit strategies. PacWest works closely with clients to assess their needs and deliver services that meet their specific requirements—whatever their size, industry, or business structure.


With PacWest as your trusted business partner, you can:

  • Simplify and improve day-to-day operations
  • Keep labor and other expenses in check
  • Offer a better choice of benefits without raising costs
  • Attract and hire first-rate employees
  • Increase accuracy and timeliness of reporting
  • Remove administrative burdens and minimize paperwork
  • Ensure compliance with complex and ever-changing regulations
  • Receive guidance in unfamiliar business areas
  • Acquire business expertise and build competence
  • Serve your customers more effectively
  • Ensure that sensitive HR information stays secure and private

Boost Your Productivity

Manage and Reduce Your Costs

Streamline Your Administration

Partner with a Leader

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Full Service Payroll

PacWest handles all payroll functions for your business – you name it, we can handle it

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HR Services

HR is tough. PacWest helps lighten your load by providing personalized service – you won’t find any online help desks or call centers here!

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We provide a portfolio of services targeted at specific business functions including company structure, business planning, finance, exit strategies & more

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