Customized services to avoid growing pains

We’ve been a PacWest client for more than 18 years. During that time we grew from about 20 employees to more than 80. I’m sure we would have experienced considerable growing pains had it not been for the customized services that PacWest provides. They’re exceptionally...

They understand our business

PacWest is serious about understanding our business and what we want to accomplish. They not only give us good advice, they help us implement what they recommend and make sure it’s transparent to our operations. We consider them a valuable partner.

Predictable and reasonable HR costs

PacWest was able to get us a better group rate for our health insurance and workers’ compensation plans. PacWest also takes care of all the government paperwork that we used to have to figure out on our own. Now our HR costs are reasonable and predictable, and we...

Top-notch personalized service

PacWest has helped me and my company tremendously! The previous company we worked with was a nightmare and PacWest makes HR and payroll so simple for me and our team. I cannot recommend them enough. Use them if you want top-notch personalized service.

Time saver

Before we outsourced our HR to PacWest, I was wasting a lot of time worrying about whether the paychecks would get processed on time or trying to answer questions about the medical insurance. Now I can concentrate on what’s really important: serving my dental...
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