Make PacWest Your Trusted Business Partner

PacWest has been managing human resources (HR) and helping clients handle other critical business functions for more than two decades. We provide employee-related services for clients who choose to outsource these functions while they concentrate on their core business activities. We also serve as a primary employer for clients who prefer a comprehensive outsourcing partnership.

In addition, we can assist you with a variety of other important activities, ranging from business plans and financing to marketing communications and exit strategies. PacWest works closely with clients to assess their needs and deliver services that meet their specific requirements—whatever their size, industry, or business structure.

With PacWest as your trusted business partner, you can:
•   Simplify and improve day-to-day operations
•   Keep labor and other expenses in check
•   Offer a better choice of benefits without raising costs
•   Attract and hire first-rate employees
•   Increase accuracy and timeliness of reporting
•   Remove administrative burdens and minimize paperwork
•   Ensure compliance with complex and ever-changing regulations
•   Receive guidance in unfamiliar business areas
•   Acquire business expertise and build competence
•   Serve your customers more effectively
•   Ensure that sensitive HR information stays secure and private

Whether your company wants to hand off specific employee administrative tasks, seeks a co-employer relationship, or needs assistance with business structuring, marketing, finance, or other key functions, PacWest can step in quickly and make a real difference.

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