Targeted Business Services

In addition to HR management services, PacWest provides a portfolio of other services targeted at specific business functions.

Company Structure: We offer tools and resources that make it easier for you to successfully set up a business entity such as a corporation or limited liability company. > More

Business Planning/General Consulting: We can assist you in drafting a business plan, fine-tuning your operations, or accomplishing other critical tasks. > More

Finance: We can lend a hand with finding financing and creating accurate accounting procedures that are right for your business. > More

Marketing Communications: Leveraging our network of skilled professionals, PacWest offers inbound and outbound marketing communications services. > More

Business Insurance: We help you navigate the commercial insurance field and find appropriate workers’ compensation, general liability, and other plans. > More

Exit Strategies: We can help you transform or exit your business with guidance in areas such as company valuation, mergers/acquisitions, and employee stock ownership plans. > More


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