Outsource Business Model

Forward-looking companies of all sizes are turning to outsourcing to handle some or all of their day-to-day business functions. By implementing an outsourced business model, a company can streamline operations and increase employee satisfaction while reducing costs and sharpening competitiveness.

Business functions improve when companies can take advantage of an outsourcing partner’s experience and expertise. Employees receive professional attention and a better mix of benefits. Plus, management can focus on core competencies, rather than having to devote resources to nonrevenue-producing activities.

PacWest offers a flexible suite of solutions that we can tailor to closely match the requirements and culture of your business and workforce. Our solutions are designed to make an immediate, positive impact on your company’s productivity, overhead, and business processes by efficiently managing payroll, workers’ compensation, benefit plans, and other services.

Boost Your Productivity

By outsourcing your human resources activities, you can devote full attention and manpower to what you do best. You can be confident that our portion of the employer/employee relations will be handled in a professional and ethical manner—increasing satisfaction in the workplace and helping you retain your most talented employees. Your employees will be happier and more productive when they can count on a well-structured and smoothly functioning benefits program. PacWest can also help you improve your company’s hiring process and set up an effective performance optimization and compensation plan.

Manage and Reduce Your Costs

PacWest has extensive experience managing personnel expenses and negotiating the most cost-effective benefits packages. For example, our buying power allows us to provide employees with more attractive health insurance options than your company may be able to offer on its own—without raising premiums. We can also reduce workers’ compensation expenses with our buying power and carrier relationships. We can assist you in implementing employee safety and health programs. Furthermore, we can help avoid regulatory problems or legal liability that could result in costly penalties or litigation.

Streamline Your Administration

PacWest has an excellent track record when it comes to making back-office procedures more efficient. An outsourcing arrangement with PacWest creates a lean organization that lets you free your staff from having to deal with time-consuming personnel and other administration. We are careful to make sure our services fit seamlessly into the organizational structure.

Partner with a Leader

Clients who leverage PacWest’s decades-long administrative expertise are better able to focus resources on their core business and hone their competitive edge. PacWest makes sure employee relationships and business processes meet high quality standards and comply with all relevant regulations. We take pride in the fact that we have retained virtually all of our clients over the years.

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